Magnetic fields

Many people are concerned with magnetic fields. The Swedish Radiation Authority (SSM) has measured the magnetic fields in and around the inductively charged vehicles in the WiCh project.

Although the magnetic fields at charging can be quite high close to the rear of the vehicle and even higher underneath it, inside the vehicle the magnetic fields are quite low. Apart from close to the charging equipment, the magnetic fields are below what is allowed by the Swedish Work Environment Authority, which means that the equipment could be used in the project.

These results only apply to this specific combination of vehicle and charging system and are not generic to other induction charging systems.

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Wireless power pioneer joins forces with tier one supplier to design systems for 2019 models

WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced they are collaborating with Prodrive Technologies, tier-1 supplier of power electronics and sensors, to design a high-performance 11kW wireless charging system. The two companies were selected to design the system by a leading European carmaker that plans to release its first wirelessly-charged vehicles in 2019.

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Nya laddgator ska främja elbilar

Till nyår ska Stockholm få två laddgator för att främja elbilen. Redan i dag har staden sex elbilar som laddas på en platta i garage och nästa steg är att ladda direkt i gatan.

– Vi vill även testa induktionsladdning vid rödljus och taxistolpar, säger miljöborgarråd Katarina Luhr (MP).

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