Wireless power pioneer joins forces with tier one supplier to design systems for 2019 models

WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced they are collaborating with Prodrive Technologies, tier-1 supplier of power electronics and sensors, to design a high-performance 11kW wireless charging system. The two companies were selected to design the system by a leading European carmaker that plans to release its first wirelessly-charged vehicles in 2019.

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Google wants to add wireless charging to its driverless cars

Google is working toward cutting its robocars’ charger cables and beaming power to them instead. Google has been testing two wireless charging systems for its prototype electric self-driving cars in California. One from the New York–based start-up Hevo Power and the other from Momentum Dynamics.

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Wireless Charging System for buses in Lancaster, Los Angeles County

Construction of AVTA’s wireless charging station is breaking ground at Lancaster City Park (LCP). The in-ground inductive charging system was developed by Utah-based WAVE Inc. Once completed, AVTA will have the capacity to wirelessly charge the batteries of up to four electric buses each hour, enabling them to remain in service as long as their diesel counterparts.

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Source: Antelope Valley Transit Authoity

Fuel Station of the Future

Today, leading electric vehicle manufacturer, Nissan has given us the first glimpse of its vision for the Fuel Station of the Future concept in association with innovative architects Foster + Partners.

Audi releasing wireless charging in 2017

AWC (Audi wireless charging) is an inductive AC charging technology Audi is developing as an alternative that also makes home charging extremely convenient. The company hopes to launch AWC in 2017.

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