UK to trial in-road wireless charging tech for electric vehicles

Technology to power electric vehicles wirelessly from under the road surface is about to be trialed in the UK. Highways England has announced that it plans to carry out off-road (test track) trials with a view to carrying out subsequent on-road trials of the technology, which is designed to increase the range of EVs.

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Fraunhofer presents wireless charging prototype

In the future, a wireless charging system will allow electric cars not only to charge their batteries, but also to feed energy back into the power grid, helping to stabilize it. The cost-effective charging system achieves high levels of efficiency across the whole power range, from 400 watts to 3.6 kilowatts, while the car and the charging coil can be up to 20 centimeters apart.

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WiCh i Visby under Almedalsveckan

Under Almedalsveckan den 30 juni visade WiCh upp en av sina trådlöst laddade elbilar. En medieträff hölls där bland andra (från vänster) Tommy Fransson, forskare på Viktoria Swedish ICT, Karl Bergman, utvecklingschef på Vattenfall, Katarina Luhr, miljöborgarråd i Stockholms stad, Suzanne Andersson, chef för avdelningen strategisk planering på Trafikkontoret i Göteborgs stad, samt Johan Wedlin, projektledare för WiCh, Viktoria Swedish ICT, medverkade.
WiCh Almedalen

Invigning av Europas första trådlöst laddade elbilar 28-29 maj


Den 28 och 29 maj kommer det hållas invigning av elbilarna i WiCh-projektet, vilka är Europas första trådlöst laddade elbilar som kommer att köras av vanliga användare i Stockholm, Göteborg och Uppsala under 2015-2016. Det är projektparterna Stockholms stad, Gatubolaget i Göteborg, Vattenfall, Test Site Sweden på Lindholmen Science Park, Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten och Viktoria Swedish ICT som ordnar eventen. 

Trådlös laddning kan potentiellt göra laddning av elbilar betydligt enklare och nu ska tekniken testas i större skala i Sverige. Elbilarna ska huvudsakligen köras inom kommunal verksamhet och viktiga frågeställningar kring tekniken och beteenden hos denna användargrupp ska undersökas.

Två invigningar ska hållas, en i Stockholm och en i Göteborg. Katarina Luhr, miljöborgarråd i Stockholm stad (28 maj), Johan Nyhus, ordförande i Trafiknämnden i Göteborg (29 maj), Magnus Henke, handläggare vid Energimyndigheten (28 maj), Rebecca Hough, vd för Evatran Group som levererar laddutrustningen (28-29 maj), Karl Bergman, utvecklingschef på Vattenfall (28 maj), Leif Axelsson, programansvarig på Lindholmen Science Park (29 maj), samt representanter för projektparterna medverkar.

Eventen hålls för särskilt inbjudna samt press, vilka får möjligheten att se den trådlösa laddningen i funktion och även tid för att ställa frågor om projektet och tekniken.

WiCh pressrelease: Sweden is first in Europe to test wireless charging of electric cars


Wireless charging can simplify charging of electric cars, a technology which will now be tested on a larger scale in Sweden. During 2015, inductive wireless chargers will be installed in a total of 20 electric vehicles located in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Uppsala. The technology will be utilized, demonstrated and assessed during a year.

For these reasons we now embark on a joint project to see how the technology works under Swedish conditions, with for example cold temperatures and snow. The electric cars will be mainly used by municipality representatives; major issues regarding technology and behaviour for this user group will be researched. The project is the first in Europe to allow regular users to test wireless charging. Previous trials have only been performed in a laboratory environment.

Our research indicates that wireless charging can be an important piece of the puzzle in getting more people to drive on electricity instead of less environmentally friendly options. We see this demonstration project as a research arena where we have the opportunity to test the technology with real users, says Stefan Pettersson, research manager at Viktoria Swedish ICT.

Collaborative project with support from the Swedish Energy Agency  

The research project WiCh (Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles) is led by the research institute Viktoria Swedish ICT in collaboration with the Swedish actors Gatubolaget of Gothenburg, City of Stockholm, the Swedish Radiation Safety Agency, Test Site Sweden Lindholmen Science Park and Vattenfall. The project is carried out with financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency.


For more information about the Wich project, please contact the research manager Professor Stefan Pettersson,; project manager Johan Wedlin,, or visit the project website

Pressmeddelande WiCh (swedish, pdf)

Pressrelease WiCh (english, pdf)

Transport for London: New hybrid bus charging technology trial announced

Transport for London has  announced that it is to trial innovative technology that will enable specially designed buses to wirelessly charge their batteries while they wait at bus stands. The inductive charging technology will be trialled on up to four extended range diesel electric hybrid buses in east London from 2015. This trial is part funded as part of a wider European Programme called Zero Emissions Urban Bus System (ZeEUS) which is co-ordinated by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP, L’Union Internationale des Transports Publics).